We can be your superheroes in a digital world

Ok, maybe we're not exactly the world's saviours…

… but, we are here to save your digital presence, with great results and reasonable investment.

Multidisciplinary team of superheroes working as one

… who join their superpowers to be able to see the bigger picture and direct our assistance where you need it the most

Our superpowers

Back-end developers

Transforming ideas into working sets of code lines

Front-end developers

Perfectly connecting the work of the guys above and those below

Graphic designers

Our artists making your web presence eye-candy


Word-play magicians your customers won’t be able to resist


Understanding your customers, providing insight in behaviour both on and off the web

Business analysts

Watching the numbers and driving $pecific results

We are building optimal digital solutions to shine your digital armour

… either it is by developing complex web solutions or constructing digital communication concepts, or something in between

How we use our superpowers

Consumer psychology

  • consumer behavior
  • digital media strategy
  • content creating
  • community management
  • creative production


  • user experience
  • user interface design
  • brand identity
  • illustration
  • animation

User interface & development

  • information architecture
  • e-commerce
  • news publishing
  • backend development
  • databases
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • javascript

Project management

  • market analysis
  • consulting
  • digital strategy
  • workshops
  • reporting

Case studies

So, this is what we've been working on for the past few years.

  • So, this is what we've been working on the past few years.

    Vipnet (Vodafone group) mobile market package

    We've developed the whole mobile market package for Vipnet, part of Vodafone Group – an android app, a responsive website and a simpler version of the website, for older generation phones. We gave the old market a completely new branding and a rejuvenated brand identity!

  • Coolinarika cooking community

    Coolinarika is one of the most visited websites in Croatia, but does not cover politics, sports or celebrities - it's a culinary community. This brand became a household name and we are working closely with web.burza, our sister company, to keep it pointed in the right direction.

  • Podravka website

    Working with web.burza, our sister company, we've helped the biggest food manufacturer in Croatia steer away from the "here are our products" type of presentation, to the "what kind of food tickles your fancy right now?" conversation with customers. Yes, it has produced great results - why don't you get in touch with us and find out more?

  • Agrokor Group website

    Can you breathe life into the website of a big regional corporation? Yes we can! We worked with web.burza, our sister company, to produce a responsive site that will stand the test of time and technology, while catering to the information hunger of the business world.

  • Erste&Steiermärkische bank communication strategy

    Getting all relevant information in one place with just a few clicks is our #1 priority, while also not forgetting clean, and simple eye-catching design. We firmly believe a bank can have humorous and modern, but clear and informative communication. And we're making that happen.

  • Extended marketing team for Disney movie distributor 2i Film

    Movie characters can be even more fun and alive off the cinema screen! We are spreading the movie magic through events, PR, creative solutions, digital banners and a website, all for Disney movies' distributor in Croatia.

  • Community management for HURA (Croatian Association of Communications Agencies)

    To know everything there is to know about news in marketing world, is the most important thing for every communication expert. That's why we're working on various Facebook pages for HURA's projects, building community and informing the public.

For contacting us… you can turn on your bat signal

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Or send us an e-mail on izone@izone.hr

Or just call us +385 1 4667 050

you can also drop by our office in Primorska 28, 10 000 Zagreb (please bring donuts!)