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Case studies

Case studies

  • Podravka

    Facebook page

    Don’t you just love a good challenge? We do! One is to bring Podravka closer to young Croatians on Facebook. We found a not-so-magic recipe for that – authenticity and hard work while making sure the content we create stands out on Facebook yet simultaneously blends in well with the rest and seems organic. It might seem extensive (and it is) but it’s a success with results to back it.

  • Children’s Hospital Zagreb

    identity & website

    "Klaićeva" is a hospital specialized for children. We made design and UI of their new website. Now users find information 50% faster! Not only that, but we also set up a whole new visual identity - cute and lovely illustrations. Hospital doesn’t seem like a scary place anymore Concept even exceeded digital and is now to be included in hospital's interior!

  • Coolinarika

    Facebook page

    Biggest food web community in Croatia became biggest food Facebook page in Croatia with our guidance. High focus on users and their content, proper tone of communication and subtle promotion of client’s products lead us to great result from zero to 200.000 fans in just 10 months. From where we continue to compete everyday - with ourselves.

  • Disney movie distribution

    Extended marketing team

    Movie characters can be even more fun and alive off the cinema screen! We are spreading the movie magic through events, PR, creative solutions, digital banners and a website, all for Disney movies' distributor in Croatia, 2i Film.

  • Erste Plavi Pension Funds

    Effective advertising

    Voluntary pension fund enrolment as easy as ABC – this was our goal. We developed responsive sign-up form that looks great on all devices, explained all those biiig financial words to our users and helped them visualise how much will they have when retiring with easy-to-use calculator. Of course, this was all followed by ads on Google and Facebook delivering a whooping ROI of 570% in first 110 days after the launch.

  • Erste Steiermärkische Bank

    Communication strategy

    Getting all relevant information in one place with just a few clicks is our #1 priority, while also not forgetting clean, and simple eye-catching design. We firmly believe a bank can have humorous and modern, but clear and informative communication. And we're making that happen.

  • HURA

    Content & community management

    HURA (Croatian Association of Communications Agencies) is well aware that to know everything there is to know about news in marketing world, is the most important thing for every communication expert. That's why we're working on various Facebook pages for HURA's projects, building community and informing the public.

  • HURA Pitch guidelines

    Regulations communication

    HURA is the Croatian Association of Communications Agencies. One of its goals is to promote industry standards, ethics and etiquette. With this campaign, we had to make industry aware of pitch regulations – how to set up a pitch, how many agencies to invite, etc. What's the best way to leave a mark? Make it provocative and funny! The idea was to generate edgy communication, something that's in opposition with blunt terms like "regulation", "standards" and so on.

  • Vegeta

    Media startegy

    For one Vegeta campaign client Podravka and we agreed to try something different . We wanted to make special TV ad premiere for the whole region… but not on TV! The decision was to premiere it on Facebook with a goal of one million views in just 24 hours. The goal was accomplished and both client and ourselves were thrilled.

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